Fear Turns to Faith 14-Day Prayer Initiative

Fear Turns to Faith 14-Day Prayer Initiative

Dear Church,

Please join us for our 14-Day Prayer Initiative as we face the COVID-19 crisis. Let’s remain focused and full of faith and courage!

Bless you,

Pastors Jim & Marise

Fears Turn to Faith 14-Day Prayer Initiative 

Day 1. Government 

Pray for President Trump and Governor Roy Cooper and their families. Declare supernatural rest, protection, wisdom, and discernment during this time.

Day 2. Church Leadership 

Pray for pastoral leadership in the entire body, as well as our own church leadership. Pray for wisdom in the days ahead, protection, and peace.

Day 3. Education Leadership

Pray for our school leadership and faculty. Pray for wisdom, peace, protection, and healing.

Day 4. Our Nation

Declare peace and a supernatural move of God. What the enemy has intended to stop what God is doing, the Lord will use to move in a stronger and greater capacity. Rebuke panic in our nation!

Day 5. Our Community

Declare healing, protection, peace, and steadfastness in the Word of God.

Day 6.  The International Church

Pray for international body, especially in nations most affected. Pray encouragement, peace, renewed hope, healing and protection. Rebuke the spirit of fear!

Day 7. Unity 

Pray for a strong sense of unity among the entire body. Coming out of this short time of isolation stronger than before!

Day 8. Divine Intervention

Declare this virus has to stop, and that the predictions of it getting worse would not happen! Ask the Lord to move powerfully on our behalf and end this crisis.

Day 9. Turn to Jesus

Pray that many would turn to Jesus in this time! Pray that people would recognize Jesus IS our hope and strong foundation of peace and faithfulness in this time of uncertainty.

Day 10. Great Awakening

Pray for a great awakening, where the spirit of religion is torn down.

Day 11. Our military

Pray for protection from the virus for our military, and healing to those who need it. Pray for discernment in decisions that are having to be made.

Day 12. Revival 

Pray for revival to be poured out in greater measure over individuals, families, and this community.

Day 13. Peace

Pray for peace that surpasses understanding! God is not a God of confusion. Pray that no believer walks in fear or confusion, but rests assured in the confidence we have in Jesus. (Psalm 4:8)

Day 14. Spiritual Focus

Pray that we stay spiritually focused, and not allow spiritual laziness. Let’s focus on strengthening ourselves personally in the Word, worship, and prayer.